The company has just finished the leg at the New Greenham Arts Centre just outside Newbury. Newbury is best known for being the international home of Vodafone, and we're told is a traditionally wealthy area.

The New Greenham Arts Centre is best known as a former US military base. Up until the 80s the base was one of those classic offshore pieces of the US that have bowling alleys and use US dollars, and is in every way they can manage just like home for all the soldiers that live there. It used to have the longest airstrip in the UK, for all those B52 bombers, and a series of massive bunkers that were the launching pads for Cruise Missiles; apparently the nuclear kind. So, for Gilgamesh to play at this site seemed to us to be extraordinarily appropriate.

It was a 70 seater studio theatre, which took the show back a little to its roots of being very intimate. We placed the audience closer than at the Barbican, which emphasised this for the performers. The audiences in Newbury made the guys work really hard, but were appreciative and thoughtful in their responses through the work.

We felt this tight atmosphere encouraged the actors to focus more tightly on the subtleties of their performances, and the kind of minute physical and emotional detail that seem more important in a small venue, where the audience feels more a collection of individuals than an entity of itself.

Particularly Wednesday night's performance was a real highlight of the tour for us. With the knowledge that they wouldn't be doing the show for a week or so, and the pressure of the close, small audience we all really felt the pressure to build the most intense performance we could. A great way to leave the show before heading to China, where the pressures will no doubt be different again.

We leave the UK with a lot of satisfaction, knowing that we've turned some heads, and made the impression we knew we could.