After London we headed up to Newbury to do our shows at the New Greenham Arts Centre just outside the city. This was definitely the smallest centre to host us and we were very curious to see how they operated. We found a bunch of warm locals and an audience that seem both slightly baffled at times but also intensely interested.

The main difference to the performance space was that the audience were much closer to the front of the pit than they had been at Melbourne University or the Barbican. So we made some slight changes to blocking to make sure they could see some of the action over the lip of the pit. Conversely, we were able to work in greater detail and really eyeball the audience during performance, which was a return to some aspects of the original container performance. On the final night we also had such a full house that they had to place some seats around the side of the pit, which demanded a “wider” performance style, something we returned to when we got to Sydney.

After Newbury we all had a week or so off and went our separate ways – some to Paris, some to Berlin, and some to Wales. I went to Edinburgh where I fell in love with the old city and proclaimed my intention to join in the famous Edinburgh Fringe in the future. Only later was I told the difficulty of getting crowds to these shows… apparently in 2006 the average audience size across all the shows was … 6 people a night. Gulp.