When I first rounded Circular Quay walking towards the Sydney Opera House for our first rehearsal, I recalled one of my first memories of Australia – as it must be to many people. That memory was from a holiday here when I lived in New Zealand, but the image still represents the country to me in a lot of ways. So it was a pretty special feeling to be going to work here for our performances in the Studio.

It felt like we had all learned some lessons throughout the tour through the different types of spaces we had used and I think the Sydney shows were a culmination of these. The performance space (“the Studio”) sat the audience much further round on either side than any other venue we had performed in, so we had to further adjust our performing to make sure they weren’t neglected. Life was a lot easier in Sydney of course – no language barrier for one – and we all felt a little relaxed, and started quickly get healthier. I remember remarking to Christian how it I thought that illness or injury can be valuable, in that it teaches a performer an alternative method of performing, one that uses minimal energy to exact maximum effect in each moment. Then when you recover, you have learnt that some moments don’t need as much “juice” as you had thought, and you become much more efficient.

For the last performance I did, however, get comfort in the freedom to throw myself into every part of the story without the worry that I would exhaust myself for the night following. As I result I threw myself in rather too much and managed to get a fat lip (from one of Rich’s clothesline moves) and a couple of bruised nuts into the bargain. The groin injury in particular was quite dramatic and memorable and there was a moment lying on the ground during the fight when I wondered just how I would get through the rest of the show. Christian commented later that I did seem rather less vocal during a couple of the scenes that night.

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